Invite All Your Friends to Like Your Facebook Page

How To Invite All Friends To Like A Page 2016. Today I am going to explain you the best way for how to invite all friends to like a page on Facebook. Which will help you to give massive growth to Facebook page likes. Just we need to install an extension or even by running a small JavaScript to invite all friend to like a page. But this is an easy and working method to invite all friends to a page. So here is the best way to invite all Facebook friends to like a page at once.

Follow the below steps to invite all friends to like a page :

 - Log-in to your account and open the page where you want to invite your Facebook Friends.
( Type your Page name in the Search bar & go through that or check this link      and select the page )
 - After open Invite friends option:
 - Next — and this step is very important — manually type javascript: into your address bar.
 - To do this final step, you are first going to need to carefully copy some code. Remember, if you miss even a single character, this code won’t work.
 - Select All Code and Click To Copy ---- 

Get your code from Below box:

I hope this Invite All Friends to Like A Page 2016 will help you to save your precious time from invite friends one by one. And there is nothing worry about this Script. This code is totally safe, and 100% Works Good. Use this code whenever you want to invite all friends to a Facebook page 2016.

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Isa Guha
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I think one of your advertisings caused my browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.

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Congrats bro Isa Guha you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...